Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boston Sky Line Painting

     A few more sessions before it is done. Hope everyone enjoys it! Will be exhibiting it at the John Hancock Building at some point. Prints will also be available.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boston Sky Line

Underpainting of a new piece. Oil, 38x46. I'll add sail boats and other structures. May decoupage over it as well. I'll probably finish it in Florida.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

a closer look at the Five most Important Consideration when Purchasing Art

1) What do you want the viewer to feel when they walk in the room the art work hangs?

     People rarely ask themselves this question, but it is important to consider before looking at art. If you choose a piece solely on it appropriateness to your decor, you have missed what art work can add to your environment. Art work can be the the work-horse in a room. It translates the room's energy to its occupants. For example, if your intention is to bring a feeling of tranquility to a room, you would not choose a painting dominated by reds and oranges, even if these colors are in your rugs and chairs.

     When I create a piece for my home I follow the same idea. The painting(see below) attached to this post is a case in point. I wanted to create an environment with powerful feminine energy. I created a painting with feminine images from my past; my great aunt made the red blouse, the gloves were from a 1960s outfit. I brought in the red blouse and juxtaposed it to the earthy hardword burnt umber floor. The floor color toned down the red but got the point across. The painting is my signature piece. It has hung in several places in my home.

     You do not need an art consultant or interior designer to decided the feeling you want to create in a room. Put thought into what you want to create prior to viewing any art work. If you do not find an appropriate piece, commission an artist to create one. Ask them if they can design a piece based on what you want to create. This is usually the best way to proceed. If you are working with a skilled intuitive artist, they will be able to produce a piece that will convey the feeling you want as well as work with your decor.

     Hope this was helpful. Let me know!

South End Gardens-part of Sassy Boston series

Hello All,

This oil painting is 18x24. It was created during the South End Garden Tour, June 2011. The under-painting was created on site and finished in my studio. It is part of my Sassy Boston Series. Log onto http://www.cattutidesigns/ to view the Sassy Boston Series.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paris Windows-decoupage

This decoupage piece start with my Paris Window painting (your can find it on my web site I painted the background of the canvas and added appropriate images. This is an excellent path for artists who want to make use of images they're created in a painting or other piece of art work. Price: $250.00,18x24.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Traditional Painting and Decoupage

Greetings Members,

I am in the process of creating a series of paintings/decoupage canvases. They will be made from my completed paintings, embellshed with other materials. The series will be entitled "Bits and Pieces." I will be posting the first painting soon. Also if anyone, knows of a gallery who would be interested in showing my work, please let me know!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Five Most Important Considerations when Purchasing Art

Five Most Important Considerations When Purchasing Art

Deciding on a piece of art for any environment can be frustrating and intimidating. The buyer needs to step back and ask “What am I trying to convey by buying this piece?” Of course, buyers need to like the piece they are purchasing but it is good to approach buying art work with a more purposeful intention. Here are five questions that every buyer should think about. If you are a visual person then the process is easier. If not, it is advisable to bring someone with you who finds it easy to visualize.

1) What do you want people to feel when they walk in the room where the art work hangs?

Art creates a specific energy in an environment. When someone enters the room what do you want them to feel? Do you want them to feel serene, hopeful, or excited? If you would like people to feel excited and enthusiastic then choose a piece with an energetic theme or a piece that was created with a strong red. If peace and serenity is something you'd like to project then a soft blue or a water landscape would be appropriate.

2) Does the piece work with your interior design?

It's wonderful to buy a piece you like and communicates your intention but there is also the design of the room to consider. A combination of too many colors sends mixed messages. For example, too much red and yellow together will create a feeling of agitation and discontent. If you are purchasing a painting with those colors then it is best to have neutral fabric on the furniture. If you have furniture with a bit more color then it is advisable to have a more neutral palette in the art work.

  1. What size and shape should the art work be?

You need to take a look at the size and shape of the room where the piece will hang. If you are choosing a piece for a room with a high ceiling then a vertical canvas is usually appropriate. The size of the canvas should be in proportion to the length of the wall. If you have fifteen foot ceilings then the piece could be eight to ten feet in length. If you have a large room but your ceiling is eight feet then a vertical canvas would be a better fit.

  1. How much should I pay for an original piece of art work?
Prices vary according to the reputation of the artist, size, and medium. Expect to pay more if you're wanting to purchase a piece by a well known contemporary artist. If this is the case then I suggest you peruse the web site of any contemporary art museum to familiarize yourself with cutting edge contemporary art and artists. Works on canvas painted will generally cost more than works on paper.(I highly recommend the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. I am a tour guide there so I'm biased). If you're looking to purchase from a local artist in your town or city, go to open studios in your area. They happen several times yearly and many bargains can to found.

  1. Abstract or Representational?

Often times this is a huge dilemma for buyers. It is easy to see the talent of a classic portrait or landscape artist, but what about the abstract piece you might find intriguing? If you're attempting to convey stability or a conservative feel in your environment then representation might work best. If you want to project a more contemporary energy then abstract art is an option. Again, consider your interior design. If you have Victorian furniture then a classic looking piece would harmonize the room. If your interior is a more sleek modern design with an Ikea look then an abstract piece would work quite well.

I hope this is helpful. Please visit my web site at for more info on choosing art. Any questions or comments please email

Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome to My Blog

Hello Art Enthusiasts,

I am starting this blog to support potential art buyers. I will be posting articles on how to purchase art to enhance the energy in a home or business environment. There are many considerations when making an investment in a piece of art. The buyer is purchasing part of the artist's creativity so a certain resonance mush be present. I will be exploring what this connection is and how to trust that connection. I will also be sharing my own art work in different stages of creation. Please explore blog and enjoy the images. Feedback is welcome.